Alinea Ventures is a female-led team of investors and technology professionals backing early-stage enterprise technology companies.

Our investment focus seeks teams innovating across four foundational infrastructure domains:

Domain Experts First

We invest in spaces (Fintech, AI, CyberSec) where we have direct domain and industry expertise.

Small Targeted Portfolio

As active hands-on investors, we limit our portfolio to 12-15 companies where we can dedicate significant time to achieving their success.

Hands-on Investor

We meet weekly with our portfolio companies to help them activate us as an investor. From finding co-investors to building culture - our team is engaged.

North America Focused

We look for the best idea and entrepreneurs regardless of their location or country.

As former founders, technologists, and investors, our goal is to unlock early-stage alpha through institutional investment discipline and founder / operator human capital to drive innovation in major industries by addressing three gaps facing early-stage companies: the funding gap, the knowledge gap, and the network gap.

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