Heriberto Saldivar

Head of Strategy
European Space Agency

Heriberto Saldivar is the Head of Strategy at the European Space Agency ESA. Until January 2022, he was the Managing Director and Technical Head of Brinc, a venture capital accelerator, where he invested and provided advisory  services to more than 130 tech companies of over 28 different nationalities. Prior to Brinc and while studying for his bachelor’s degree at Instituto Tecnológico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, Mr. Saldivar worked on several projects, including the development of a biped robot and an automated rover. In addition to leading a team that designed and built miniature space drone systems, he was also a team leader at Procter & Gamble to develop new products and upgrade its production lines.

Post-graduation, Heriberto received a master’s degree at National Cheng Kung University while joining an international scramjet (supersonic engine) research project between Europe and Taiwan. Mr. Saldivar was awarded the prestigious Hong Kong PhD Fellowship Scheme and joined the PolyU High-speed Thermo fluid and MAV/UAV Laboratory. He developed software, which he hopes will help design the next generation of space vehicles and planes.

Heriberto is currently reading The Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson, Red Rising by Pierce Brown and Meditations by Marcus Aurelius.

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