Lori Jordan

Principal & Founder

Lori Jordan is a Principal and Founder of ESG4Alpha, a boutique consultancy launched to help corporations align their sustainability and equitable workplace goals with their unique stakeholder expectations. Prior to starting ESG4Alpha, she was a senior leader at Amazon.com where she played a key role in helping Amazon electrify its last mile delivery fleet in North America and Europe.  Prior to Amazon, Lori spent 8 years as a strategic product and business development leader within Microsoft Azure, focusing on AI and ML technology partnerships. Lori has extensive experience evaluating early- and middle-stage companies and their technology, having had executive roles in M&A and product development for companies such as WashingtonPost.com, Network Solutions, Versign and Travelport.  Lori earned her MBA from Harvard Business School and her undergraduate degree in economics with a minor in biomedical engineering from Duke University. She has served on public boards and as advisors to mobility companies.  


Lori cites several key books she’s is informed by including Going Infinite and Killers Of the Flower Moon, which she reads when she’s not active being a pastor or playing golf.

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