Maja Lapcevic

Ecosystem Advisor

Maja Lapcevic is a driven corporate innovator, corporate venture investor, startup advisor and product leader. Maja leads innovation and product development at Mastercard Foundry specializing in data and services, commerce, payments, fintech and new digital infrastructure. Previously, she held leadership roles at Citi Ventures investment and award winning Discover 10x incubation teams where she supported portfolio investments and led digital partnerships and commercialization activities across the enterprise. Maja has worked in over 42 countries around the world and as a former founder with deep roots in the startup ecosystem, she lends her expertise and network to help new ventures grow.


She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Government, International Affairs from Georgetown University.


Lately, Maja has been devouring books on literary brain for children and planting seeds for innovation thinking, while enjoying home made Mediterranean meals with her family.