Oni Kabir

Chief Risk Officer of New York City

Oni is a seasoned executive with almost 30 years of experience working across multiple industries including Technology, Finance, Pharmaceuticals, and Government. Oni has worked extensively in the areas of operational and financial risk, including but not limited to, cyber security, business continuity, and corporate strategy.


He currently serves as the Chief Risk Officer for New York City’s Financial and Payroll agency, where he is responsible for ensuring the security and integrity of operations that transact over 115 billion dollars a year for all city employees, pensioners, and vendors. He is also a cyber first responder for the City of NY as part of the Cyber Critical Services and Infrastructure (CCSI) team, which was founded by partners from NYPD, NY Manhattan District Attorney’s Office, and NYC3.

Oni is also the CEO of Sora Defense Systems, a startup technology company focused on building intelligence platforms specifically for use by Military forces.


Oni’s prior professional experiences include CEO of GSC Assets, a crisis alpha hedge fund, Managing Partner of Argon Holdings, a boutique private equity firm focused on emerging defense technologies, and business impact consulting for various fortune 500 companies and investment banks.


Oni loves the great outdoors and credits the book “Neuromancer” by William Gibson for shaping his world view

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