Toan Huynh

Managing Partner

A former technology founder and digital transformation leader, Toan has experience in private equity and venture capital. She brings over 24+ years of working with and investing in enterprise technology and services companies, with a practitioner’s focus on those enabled by underlying innovation such as AI, data, cloud, quantum and blockchain. An early cloud computing evangelist, Toan co-founded a cloud technology and services company called GlobalOne/CloudSherpas, which ranked #68 on 2013’s Inc Top 100 Firms and was subsequently acquired by Accenture in 2015 in what was its largest acquisition to date.  Toan was recently the US-based Partner for IVP, a Canada-based Series A technology fund.  She served as an Entrepreneur-in-Residence for global banks working with enterprise technology portfolio companies and launching new fintech products.

Currently, Toan serves as an Operating Advisor for several growth funds, a global bank, and an investment bank, with a focus on operational excellence, GTM, human capital, and product development. Over the past decade, Toan has had broad board service experience, having served as Independent Director in public and private companies.  She is recognized for her work in cloud technologies, corporate innovation, and fintech.

During her down time, Toan spends time as “kitchen scientist” with her children and enjoys all forms of contemporary arts with her family. She recently read “The Culture Map” by Erin Meyer, the seminal guide on cultural context and communications.

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